Our Services

Every company’s needs (and budget) are different.  We offer a flexible range of services and will work with you to figure out what works best.  Our services include project & change management, coaching and mentorship, interim management, strategy review and formulation, workshop facilitation, training design and delivery and acting as retained advisors.

We can help you:

  1. Design and Deliver your Customer Experience
  2. Drive Operational Excellence
  3. Listen and Act on Customer Feedback
  4. Innovate Faster and Better 

Design and Deliver your Customer Experience

We help you transform your Customer Experience and drive cultural change by:
  • Mapping your Customer Journey
  • Translating your brand into service standards and behaviours
  • Using our innovative ‘hardlines and guidelines’ approach to engage employees
  • Designing and delivering simple, effective training for frontline teams – for new brands, new store openings, new starters or upskilling existing teams
  • Working with senior leaders to drive a culture of sales growth through great service
  • Developing an internal communication plan to help mobilise and inspire your people
  • Shaping the successful integration of product and service standards resulting from mergers and acquisition

Drive Operational Excellence

Customers expect consistently awesome experiences.  We enable this by:
  • Writing effective Operations Manuals, Job Aids and Ways of Working
  • Defining audits that measure and motivate the right actions
  • Designing a framework for effective outlet visits along with coaching to enable area managers/ directors to achieve better results across different markets and ownership models (company-owned or franchise)
  • Improving business processes & results through workshops and employee engagement – from executive to frontline teams
  • Creating the right scorecard of goals and measures
  • Developing a recognition strategy that drives operational excellence and service
  • Delivering trouble-shooting methods for boosting  under-performing outlets

Listen and Act on Customer Feedback

Every business needs customer feedback to thrive.  We are Customer Experience / Net Promoter®  experts.  We can help you by:
  • Designing and implementing your programme through expertise interventions, such as stakeholder workshops, or end to end project management
  • Developing your strategy to 'close the loop’ with your survey respondents
  • Mobilising and engaging frontline teams through B2C operational closed loop training and B2B Account Manager training
  • Building governance and ways of working that ensure that feedback is used to drive organisational change (structural closed loop)
  • Improving how you manage and learn from complaints
  • Providing an independent assessment of your current Customer Feedback programme

Innovate Faster and Better

Sometimes innovations flop or take too long.  We can prevent this, by:
  • Designing a framework for your organisation to test new innovations rapidly - and robustly – for operational feasibility and employee engagement
  • Enabling you to ’kill’ bad ideas faster so you can focus on the good ones
  • Engaging frontline teams in the testing process to ensure teams get behind the ’big bets’
  • Developing a framework for capturing and recognising ’bottom-up’ improvement ideas from employees
  • Providing a pilot management service